Low requirements

Download games for PC of Low requirements totally free, uploaded to servers like Uploader, Mega, Googledrive and Torrent.

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Download F1 22 Online
F1 22 Online
Download Spec Ops The Line
Spec Ops The Line
[Update 2][Reuploaded]

Download Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley
[Build 18.01.2022][Reuploaded]

Download Far Cry
Far Cry
[Update 1.41][Reuploaded]

Download Ghostwire Tokyo Deluxe Edition
Ghostwire Tokyo Deluxe Edition
[Build 01.08.2022] +[Update 06.09.2022]

Download Farm Expert 2017
Farm Expert 2017
[Update 1.124, 1 DLC]

Download Let's Build a Zoo
Let's Build a Zoo

Download Arcade Paradise
Arcade Paradise
[Build 790]

Download Graveyard Keeper
Graveyard Keeper
[Update 1.405]

Download Police Stories
Police Stories
[Build 11.11.2021]

Download Portal
[Build 13.04.2022][Reuploaded]

Download SkullGirls
[Build 28.07.2022][Reuploaded]

Download Islanders
[Build 16.08.2019, MULTi11]

Download The Suffering Collection
The Suffering Collection
[The Suffering + The Suffering: Ties That Bind]

Download Disco Elysium The Final Cut
Disco Elysium The Final Cut
[Build 14.06.2022] +[Update 25.08.2022]

Download Samorost 3
Samorost 3
[Update 1.467.0]

Download Rage Complete Edition
Rage Complete Edition

Download Cuphead Deluxe Edition
Cuphead Deluxe Edition
[Update 1.3.2] +[Update 1.3.4]