The Lord of the Rings Return to Moria PC (2023) MULTi8-ElAmigos, 15.19GB


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Summoned to the Misty Mountains by Lord Gimli Lockbearer, players take control of a company of Dwarves tasked to reclaim the lost spoils from the Dwarven homeland of Moria—known as Khazad-dûm or Dwarrowdelf—in the depths below their very feet. Their quest will require fortitude, delving deep into the Mines of Moria to recover its treasures.
Set in a procedurally generated Dwarven realm of Moria, no two adventures will be alike, and every expedition is traversable either solo or online with companions. Players can mine to craft greater gear and resources, but beware mining makes noise, and noise created in the quiet deep threatens to awaken the dangers below: where there’s clatter, there’s combat. Excavate the mysteries of three legendary mountains, extract precious metals, scrape to survive, and battle unspeakable forces to learn the secret of the Shadow that lurks within.

Info Scene +[Update 1.1.1]

Upload size / to download: 15554MB
RAR parts: 2000MB (interchangeable/compatible)
ISO image size: 15554MB
Number of compressions: only one
Data recovery: none
Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese-Brazil, Korean, Simplified Chinese
Dubbing/Audio: English



Minimum requirements
OS version: Windows 10/11 64-bit
CPU: Intel® Core i5 (Quad Core or better)
Memory: 8 GB
GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060
DirectX: DirectX 12
Storage: SSD Recommended
Additional Notes: Install Size 20GB
Recommended requirements
OS version: Windows 10/11 64-bit
CPU: Intel® Core™ i7 (6 Core or better)
Memory: 16 GB
GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX 2060
DirectX: DirectX 12
Storage: SSD Recommended



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TLotR Return to Moria update 1.1.1 (04.12.2023) and crack (by Codex/Rune), 1192MB


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